Monthly Archives: February 2017


The project essentially remains on hold, due to continuing illness and work commitments (as indicated in the ‘About’ sections, LIPCAP is entirely run by volunteers, and has no funding or institutional support).

Very occasional (and limited) opportunities to carry out project work have arisen over the last year, although completion of work is inevitably taking much longer than usual. This has included surveys of a possible 16th century house in Derbyshire, details of which will be posted when complete (which is likely to take several months).

In the meantime, please note that emails & phone calls to the project cannot be answered due to the constraints mentioned above, and without further administrative support. Should anyone – particularly in the Derby (UK) area – be interested in helping out  (especially with admin & communications; and with basic archaeological fieldwork), so that we can continue some level of public participation, please contact the project through the website form (please note that it may take a while to respond to enquiries; JUNK MAIL / SPAM WILL BE BINNED WITHOUT READING!!!).

Apologies to our followers, and others interested in the project. Hopefully we can soon get back to the past!