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For the Festival of Archaeology (July 2014), and as a member of the IWM Centenary Partnership Programme, LIPCAP will be holding an exhibition on Derby in WWI, with activities for visitors (more information on this event can be found here). This event focuses upon the Home Front, considering  the experiences of people living and working in Derby during the hostilities.

We are especially interested in domestic life for children; for the men and women who remained at home (whether due to job, age, or health / disability exemptions; family caring duties; or conscientious objectors); and for those serving in the forces or as volunteers, when on leave or recovering from wounds

As a principally archaeological project, we are especially interested in related material culture associated with the home at around the time of the First World War, including objects that were displayed in the home (such as photographs, service medals and trench art with Derby connections).

As a community project piloting new ways to involve members of the public in local history, we would like to invite those with relevant information to share family memories and other historic material relating to Derby in WWI, for inclusion in this event, and / or in the associated online exhibitions.

For those who may wish to remember family members who lived or worked in Derby during WWI, or who were from Derby and served in the forces or voluntary services abroad during the conflict,  we are planning a remembrance display. The remembrance panel will contain short comments, and / or basic family history information, which may be submitted on forms (online, using the short Remembrance Card / ‘rapid response’ form here, or more detailed copyright-specifications form here; or offline forms may be downloaded below). 

We may not be able to include all material submitted in our event display, but we will also exhibit historical material on this project website, and through our other media channels (HistorypinGoogle MapsFlickrYouTubeFacebook, and Twitter), where permitted

We would therefore welcome the submission of information on, or photographs of, relevant objects (i.e. those know to have been used and / or owned in Derby in the 1910s), as might survive in the community as heirlooms. We would also like to display other publicly submitted material associated with Derby people and related places in WWI. This might include family history information (as discovered through personal research – such as information on munitions work, and service records, etc.); stories (as passed on to surviving relatives); testimonies and memories (as might survive in diaries, memoirs, postcards, or audio recordings, for example); and photos. 

We cannot guarantee to display everything that is submitted (particularly as we may receive duplicates of some material) – to some extent material will be displayed on a first-come-first-included basis – but will try to include as much as possible via the range of resources we use.

We request that contributors fill in and submit an accompanying form that provides information about the material they share, and permits LIPCAP to reproduce material in the public domain. This may be completed and sent online; or it may be printed (by selecting the ‘Print’ option in your web browser here), or downloaded by clicking the following link, and submitted by post (address below):

PDF version: PDF_At_Home_WWI_Exhibit_Contribution_Form

Open Office version: OOT_At_Home_WWI_Exhibit_Contribution_Form

(MS Word version to follow ASAP)

Digital copies of photos, videos, and documents may be submitted electronically in a variety of ways:

If you would like instructions on how to submit digital files, please use the contact form at the bottom of this blog post. Contributors might also submit material by post, e.g. paper copies or on CD / DVD, to:

LIPCAP (At Home in WWI) 1 West Park Road Derby DE22 1GG

LIPCAP team members might in some circumstances (e.g. if the contributor is elderly or has disabilities, or caring duties) be able to collect material from contributors in the Derby area: please use the contact form below to inquire, if applicable.

If you are an organisation, and would be happy to display a poster inviting members of the community to contribute exhibits, a pdf version is available for download:

A5 Poster WWI Family History Call

Another way to take part is to fill in a card for the community memory panel: this provides an opportunity to remember family members, and acknowledge their experiences in and of the war, as they may have come to you through family history research, or through stories passed on to you by older relatives.

Memory cards can be completed online here; can be printed from this link, and submitted by post (address below); on downloaded and submitted by email (address above):

At Home in WWI_ Memory_Card_A5

We hope that members of the public will join us in this event: contributions may enable us to find out more about life on the Home Front, as well as providing opportunities to acknowledge the experiences and achievements of local people during this very difficult time.

If you have ideas about what we might include, or would like to help us develop this exhibition as a volunteer, please contact us as soon as possible.

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