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LIPCAP 1930s House Christmas Open Day 2013 Info.

LIPCAP_1930s_Xmas_2013_Online_PosterThis weekend (Sunday 22nd December, 2013, 2-4 pm) LIPCAP is hosting a free event: 1930s House Christmas Open Day.

This is a private domestic residency, open temporarily so that members of the public interested in the early 20th century household, domestic material culture, and late historic archaeology – and of course Christmas nostalgia! – can see part of the house restorations, look at the old decorations, and learn about Living in the Past Community Archaeology Project.

More info. on the house & it’s renovation can be found here.

We would ask visitors to park nearby in Broadway, as parking is limited for local residents. If visitors have disabilities that limit mobility, it may be possible to park nearer to the house for a short time, although unfortunately this cannot be guaranteed.  If disabled parking is essential, please telephone ahead, and we will see what we can to to accommodate needs.

Please also be aware that there are steps into and within the property, and as the property has not been adapted for mobility access (i.e. the doors are standard width) we are uncertain whether wheelchairs will fit through internal doors; also much heavy furniture or immovable limits access. If this is likely to cause problems for visitors, please contact us to discuss how we might enable access, and we’ll do the best we are able, with the resources at our command.