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Historic Map Overlay: Friar Gate / Ashbourne Rd. Area, 1883

Completed the historic map interpretation for the LIP Project Study Area (no. 4) that centres on Friar Gate and Ashbourne Rd (apologies for poor resolution – still looking for a way to successfully export good quality images from the GIS software used):

1883 Historic Map Google Earth Overlay

1883 Historic Map Google Earth Overlay

  • Blue: water pumps
  • Grey: domestic
  • Pale pink: education
  • Medium Pink: institutional building
  • Red: religious buildings
  • Violet: Commercial & industrial
  • Dark purple: Public Houses

Do you live in any of the houses shown?

We’re interested to hear from residents of houses marked on the map – the LIP project can carry out – or support householders in carrying out their own – (for free) archaeological standing building surveys (house interiors – and / or outdoor toilets!), and would really like to record any bits of old pottery, glass, etc. found in gardens.

Non-domestic features of interest

  • The large pink building at the bottom right of the map is the County Gaol, now demolished (façade remains).
  • The building of the same colour in the middle of the map is St Christopher’s Railway Servants’ Children’s Home
  • The map records the smaller building of this colour at the top left as a ‘Females Home’. (This is recorded in the HER – no. 32542 – as ‘Home for Penitent Females’, built 1866-68 by George Henry Sheffield)
  • The pale pink building, right of centre is Ashgate Board School – still a primary school today.
  • The violet features at the bottom left of the map are brick fields & kilns. (Recorded in the HER – no. 32501 – as being in operation until 1900)
  • Some pubs marked on the map (dark purple) are still open today: the Greyhound, New Zealand, Wagon & Horses, Wheel (now Mile)

More soon…